Most Valuable Scouter Nomination Form

The Orion District Most Valuable Award is for that unit Scouter whose unit always seems to turn to when there is a need within the unit. This Scouter is never afraid to take on a task, no matter how big or small, if the children benefit from his or her labor and devotion. They may not be the ones out in front of the crowd, but they are the backbone of the unit when it comes to dependability. This person does not ask for recognition, only to see happy Scouts. This person could be the unit leader, the advancement chair, committee member, Scout leader or assistant.

Candidates for the Most Valuable Award may be nominated by anyone in their pack, crew, troop, team, post or ship or by another Scouter. All registered Scouters in Orion District are eligible. Honorees will be recognized at the Orion District Dinner in January. 

Nomination Form


Please describe the qualities that this candidate has that exemplify the Most Valuable Scouter Award.