Courageous Award Nomination Form

John W. Dutch Courageous Scouter Award

This award has been created to honor and recognize those exceptional BSA leaders who work with youth at the unit level while dealing with some type of personal difficulty.  Volunteers to consider are those who share their energy, resources and talents with our sons and daughters. It is through their efforts that we learn to truly appreciate the “Spirit of Scouting.”

Candidates for the Courageous Scouter Award may be nominated by anyone in their pack, troop, team, post, ship, or by another Scouter.  All registered Scouters in Orion District are eligible.  The only criterion for nomination is completion of this form.  Each unit is strongly encouraged to consider leaders in their unit for nomination. Honorees will be recognized at the Orion District Dinner in January. 

Nomination Form


Please describe the qualities that this candidate has that exemplify the BSA leadership.