Family of the Year Nomination Form

The Orion District Family of the Year Award is presented annually to a family who has, as a group, provided outstanding support to the Scouting program in Orion District. Often times a family participates at all levels of Scouting, from Tigers to Exploring, with youth and adults involved. Those families that make Scouting a “family commitment” deserve to be recognized.

For the purposes of this Award, we use the same definition of “A Family” that BSA offers: “Any group of persons with whom a youth lives.” We therefore recognize the variety of family units that Orion District volunteers experience.

Candidate families for this award must have one BSA registered adult member. All such families in Orion District are eligible. Any registered Scouter may make submit a nomination. Honorees will be recognized at the Orion District Dinner in January. 

Nomination Form


This should be considered for “Family of the Year Award” because…